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Machinefabriek Klinkers earns the largest part of its turnover from the high-tech industry. Within this industry, the most important sectors we work for are the medical sector and the semiconductor sector. The remaining share of the turnover comes from various other sectors, none of which Machinefabriek Klinkers is affraid of taking on. Whenever our expertise can add value to your product and create a win-win situation, we will be enthousiastically at your service!

Machinefabriek Klinkers: focused on perfection.

MFK milling to spec
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About Us


Having its roots in engineering, which is where the foudation was laid 30 years ago, Machinefabriek Klinkers is nowadays a growing company with 10 employees. Our trademark still remains: quality. The company has been located in Maastricht since its foundation in 1985. The core activity of the company is creating high-end (fine) mechanical parts. In addition we offer engineering and assembly. The critical success factors of Machinefabriek Klinkers are found in its expertise, flexibility, quality and reliability.





Machinefabriek Klinkers is specialised in the uncompromising delivery of mechanical parts. Complex milling and rotational operations are performed internally. In addition, Machinefabriek Klinkers has an extensive netwerk of supply partners. This combination allows us to meet the demands of our clientele at almost every turn.

Besides producing products based on the drawings, our engineering department is capable of designing or redesigning parts in accordance with your wishes. We can provide you with a proposal for reproduction based on a spare part. By improving the integration of the functions and/or by reducing their complexity, we create large savings on a regular basis.


Machining Centers

Hermle C32U-ZM216 5-axle - 20.000 1/min 650 x 650 x 500 - IKZ-80B
Hermle HsFlex 18 pallets 450kg  
Hermle C32U-ZM50 5-axle - 18.000 1/min 650 x 650 x 500 - IKZ-80B
Hermle RS1 20 pallets 60kg Materialhandling 4kg
Hermle C32U 5-axle - 18.000 1/min 650 x 650 x 500 - IKZ-80B
Hermle C40U 4-axle - 18.000 1/min 850 x 700 x 500
Hermle C20U 4-axle - 16.000 1/min 600 x 450 x 450
Hermle B300 3-axle - 15.000 1/min 800 x 600 x 500


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Our Address

Machinefabriek Klinkers
Heerderdwarsstraat 44
6224 LT Maastricht
+31 (0) 43-362 69 68